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Escape the Crowds on Exclusive Sunset Sailing

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Sunset Cruise

As one of the most popular resort destinations in Thailand. Phuket attracts over 10 million visitors every year. With its iconic beaches, vibrant nightlife, and array of attractions, it’s no wonder why hordes of tourists flock here. However, the downside of Phuket’s popularity is the crowds—finding an exclusive, peaceful experience can be a challenge.

That’s why setting sail on an Ombre Yacht Phuket sunset cruise is quickly becoming the top thing to do on the island. This luxury charter company operates a fleet of customized yachts for private charters, allowing you to revel amidst the island’s famous limestone formations scattering Phang Nga Bay with complete privacy.

Sunset Fun

Only Ombre Yacht offers bespoke multi-day sailing itineraries to remote islands and secluded bays across the Andaman Sea’s hundreds of uninhabited islets. You can even create a custom Phuket sailing tour based on your interests, whether it be snorkeling, fishing, island hopping or simply soaking up the sun in style.

The expert crew of 12 caters to your every need, preparing gourmet meals onboard (including scrumptious Thai cuisine), mixing sunset cocktails at the Taittinger champagne bar and leading guided coastal excursions ashore. At the end of an unforgettable day filled with aquatic adventures, unwind to live music under the stars as your yacht drops anchor in a protected cove.

Sunset Cruise Family time
Sunset Cruise Family time

85% of Ombre Yacht’s clientele are return travelers who claim their Phuket sailing tour was the highlight of their stay. With an average 5-star ranking across review platforms like Google and TripAdvisor, it’s clear these exclusive charters consistently exceed expectations.

One key advantage is Ombre Yacht’s vessels can access remote bays and islands blocked off to mass tourism. Their sailing catamarans and motor yachts are also specially designed for stability, speed and shallow water anchoring. This translates to more destinations reached and aquatic activities enjoyed each day compared to traditional sailing boats.

So while the hordes queue up for crowded ferries to Phi Phi and clamor for a patch of sand on Patong Beach, you’ll be discovering secret lagoons and secluded coves accessible only by private yacht. As the sun melts into the Andaman Sea each evening, you’ll have front row seats to the best sunset views in Phuket without another tourist selfie stick in sight.

Does an exclusive, tailor-made sailing vacation sound like the perfect antidote to crowded Phuket? Treat yourself to a private charter with Ombre Yacht on your next Thailand escape. One breath of that fresh ocean breeze as you sail off into the tropical sunset, and you’ll be glad you did.