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Celebrating the Holidays Aboard Ombre

Christmas travel on board

Celebrating the Holidays Aboard Ombre

White Christmas? How about a sunny, bright blue double Christmas? When it comes to decking the halls this December, say sawatdee kha to swapping snow boots for flip flops by planning a festive yet exotic getaway aboard an ultra-luxury Ombre Yacht charter in picturesque Phuket, Thailand. If you want to experience the joy of Christmas on a sunny day and enjoy the sea and water activities while on vacation, then come and enjoy a luxury cruise with Ombre Yacht Phuket. This is where the ultimate holiday vacation begins. from private charters to family and friends group trips.

Come float amongst the Andaman Sea with our lovely staff and elegant features on board this one-of-a-kind vessel built for the relaxation of a much needed journey around the pristine Phuket islands. The amenities on board Ombre especially during the holidays will have you booking this vessel as your go to yacht party boat whenever you visit Phuket, Thailand.

As you gaze at the Andaman Sea’s crystalline waters glimmering under an azure sky, you can enjoy a lovely an amazing holiday with joyful and mixed music played by our on board DJ and our beautiful staff to cater to your needs when you are enjoying your on board oasis. Feel free to dance and have drinks while you enjoy the pleasant and beautiful coast line of the sea in Phuket.

Joy and Christmas sun

Later, gather the family on plush cushions to share favorite holiday traditions from home as your captain navigates to a secluded island just in time for a showstopper Phuket sunset. A private beach dinner soon follows, with candlelit tables overlooking gentle waves rolling ashore and glimmering with the flames’ reflection.

While the kid’s dream of Santa soaring across star-dotted skies, peering below at shimmering boat lights bobbing in Phang Nga Bay, retreat to your luxury sundecks with a nightcap under the stars. enjoy the night stars and moon as the sea rocking gently lulls you back to the pier, for an excited tomorrow’s family festivities.

Christmas Joy on Ombre


Awaken Christmas morning to get ready to board your journey with Ombre Yacht Tours. As you approach the pier ombre yacht will be waiting for you to board and enjoy the beautiful decorations and our beautiful staff. Christmas music will be played in the morning until we set sail on our journey where we will then pump up the jams of music by our onboard DJ.

By the time we finish our exclusive and serene tour of you viewing the rosy hues that stretch across the Andaman horizon, you’ll be more than ready for a scrumptious Christmas feast complete with all the trimmings. Later, cozy up for a cinematic view of the stars while viewing them below the sundecks. Dreaming of what magic awaits when docking in Paradise Pier once more, and venturing back to your local hotel. You can look back on your adventure through photos and videos of your exploration on the different islands.

This year, give your family the ultimate and exclusive gift of the ultimate Andaman sea guide across Phuket, giving you lifelong memories made while celebrating christmas at sea. Enjoying amazing food, amazing music, and dancing the day/night away on a luxury yacht fit for everyone who wants to enjoy a lovely and quiet journey. Once you set sail in style you are going to always want to live the life of luxury. Disconnecting from the daily grind to connect with loved ones in a tropical wonderland sounds like the merriest way to welcome Santa into this year?

Christmas joy on Ombre