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Songkran Adventure On Board Ombre Yacht Phuket

Songkran on Ombre

If you’re looking to experience Thailand’s most famous Songkran water festivals in a truly luxurious style, there is no better way than aboard the sleek Ombre Yacht in Phuket. This chic 100-foot motor yacht offers a unique vantage point for the New Year revelries, allowing you to immerse yourself in lively celebrations while enjoying five-star amenities and service. Also while enjoying the Andaman Sea and all of the sunshine.

As Songkran falls on (April 13th-15th) the Ombre Yacht gets decked out in vibrant decorations befitting of the water festival. Jewel-toned silks billows in the sea breeze, flower garlands adorn the deck spaces, and traditional Thai emblems and sculptures create a festive atmosphere. Embarking on Ombre yacht Phuket during the Thai New Year will be in awe of the music, food, and festivities along the cruise.

Ombre Songkran Fun

On the days of Songkran, the Ombre Yacht casts off from its pier at the stunning Renaissance Chalong Marina, cruising the placid blue waters of the Andaman Sea. Getting away from the bustling and hustling streets and busy traffic of Patong will be a great option for visitors who want to experience Thailand’s Songkran festival away from busy streets.

Phuket’s lush sunset backdrop shows the true beauty as you sail, the energetic sounds of water battles raging across the island drift over the waters. You can join in on the splashing fun by engaging in a light-hearted water fight with the crew who are always game for some good-natured antics. As you come to your first stop on the island tour, you can swim in the Andaman Sea or even go for a quick snorkel and see the marine life.

 When you step on board the yacht this is when the real festivities kick-off, when the Ombre drops anchor in one of Phuket’s picturesque bays you will be able to enjoy amazing music, food, and activities. Once you step onto the yacht’s spacious sky deck you will find it is been transformed into an opulent and buzzing “water park” complete with a DJ booth, modern sundeck,  beautiful plush day beds, and a premium bar.

Water gun fights ensue as you soak in the rapturous New Year vibe, you will also be able to enjoy more of the Songkran festivities. Or simply cool off by taking a dip in the ocean, or unwind in the yacht’s on-deck jacuzzis and private lounging nooks, while having a drink enjoying the music and watching the sun set.

Songkran Fun with friends

For cultural immersion, the crew orchestrates intimate Thai ceremonies and water rituals right on board. Participate in the “Rod Nam Dum Hua” water ritual where you’ll gently pour fragrant jasmine-infused water over a Buddha statuette, a gesture signifying a fresh start for the new year. You can also receive a spiritual full moon water blessing by splashing water on guests on board and having fun.

As the sun begins to dip towards the horizon,g giving all of our visitors the beautiful purple and yellow hues amongst the horizon, the Ombre yacht fires up its engines and cruises to one of the island’s most scenic viewpoints. You can enjoy wonderful drinks and have some dancing fun while on the island stop or you can simply take a dip in the ocean for some much-needed water fun.

From the chic on-deck seating areas, you’ll be treated to magnificent views of Phuket’s sparkling seascapes, craggy limestone karsts, and a mesmerizing sunset show. It’s the perfect vantage point for admiring the island’s postcard-worthy seascapes while sipping craft cocktails from the bar.

Songkran Relaxation sunset

After sunset, an unforgettable Songkran festival still awaits under the stars, in the bustling city of Patong and Phuket Town. The yacht’s attentive crew serves up a gourmet Thai-inspired dinner menu gives visitors something to look forward to while on board. Savor delicacies like fragrant massaman curry, crispy fish with tamarind sauce, and mango with sticky rice – all enhanced by specially selected wine pairings. As you indulge in the culinary artistry, the on-board DJ sets the mood with an atmospheric lounge soundtrack.

Spending Songkran aboard the illustrious Ombre Yacht is an ultra-luxe way to experience Thailand’s iconic New Year’s water extravaganza. From chic water festival festivities and immersive cultural activations to sublime dining and stellar views, it’s a sensory celebration of authentic Thai traditions elevated to the highest levels of indulgence. An experience like this is what unforgettable travel memories are made of.

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