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Sail Away to Luxury: Embark on the Breathtaking Ombre Yacht in Phuket

New Year Sunset Cruise

Sailing with your family and friends is something they will enjoy, on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on a day trip to an exclusive island that many dare to explore. Do not miss a chance to spend a day on Coral Island for the quintessential Thai island experience. You can come to Thailand and experience this beautiful island with your friends and family. Come and enjoy the luxury island of James Bond for some beautiful photos and local shopping.

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime luxury travel experience in Phuket, the journey on this luxury vessel should be at the top of your list. Ombre Yacht stands out as one of the premier charter yacht companies in Phuket, offering unparalleled style and next-level amenities for an unforgettable journey across the sparkling Andaman Sea. Embark on a journey like never before, and enjoy your lifetime yacht tour onboard Ombre.

When you step aboard the stunning Yacht docked in Phuket’s top marinas, you’ll be greeted with beautiful smiles from our staff and walk into spacious, modern design and decor featuring vibrant tropical minimalist colors, luxury finishes, and your own dedicated crew catering to your every need, while on board your journey.

Enjoy panoramic views from lavish lounging areas on deck and the stylish interior of the cabins. Get ready to enjoy this yacht experience and the amazing photogenic beauty that the Andaman Sea offers you. The beautiful and amazing sunsets glistening over the crystal clear blue waters, while you sip on a cocktail and enjoy the dance music aboard Ombre.

James Bond Island viewpoint
James Bond Island viewpoint

Sailing on Ombre

This one-of-a-kind fleet is an ideal balance between minimalist design and intimate spaces. Their creations feature both sun-splashed exterior decks and shaded hideaways, ensuring guests can alternate seamlessly between social mingling and peaceful solitude. Preparing you for the most joyous experience on the Andaman Sea. Being aboard this catamaran will give you a boost of sensational ways that you should always travel when you visit Phuket.

This is vessel provides the best customer service and amenities that only one can wish for. Prepared to be in awe when boarding and be prepared to listen to the cool sounds of the ocean while having your ears field with amazing music ans the sun begins to set and your adventure begins to dock back to the main pier.

Dj on board Ombre
Dj on board Ombre

Beyond the yacht itself, an Ombre charter opens the doors to one-of-a-kind island hopping adventures showcasing the most beautiful turquoise lagoons, pristine beaches, and iconic landscapes Phuket has to offer. Customize your itinerary as you sail to the world-famous Banana Beach, secluded bays, and coves of Hong Island, Phang Nga Bay, and Racha Island.

These beautiful and tropical paradises that are here to offer in Phuket. Your captain and crew will handle all navigation and amenities so you can fully immerse in island life, water sports, snorkeling, and other activities arranged onboard your charter adventure.

Sailing Ombre
Sailing Ombre

Yacht Journey on Ombre

When seeking the ultimate luxury escape, look no further than an Ombre Yacht charter through the enchanting isles and turquoise seas of Thailand’s magical Phuket province. Whether an intimate sunset voyage for two or an exciting week-long odyssey, this catamaran delivers first-class amenities, attentive service, and unforgettable tropical vistas guaranteed to remain etched in your memory long after your island getaway concludes.

As the sun begins its evening descent, sip champagne with your special someone while witnessing a spectacle of colors dance across the Andaman Sea from the comfort of plush cushions on the spacious deck. The following morning, rouse gently to the aroma of breakfast served bedside by your private butler as a menagerie of marine life frolic in crystal waters just footsteps from your finely appointed stateroom.

Then get ready for adventure as your captain charters a course through iconic limestone karsts dotting Phang Nga Bay, stopping to kayak across tranquil lagoons before dropping anchor at James Bond Island’s famous filming location.

New Year Cruise

Whether mingling with newfound friends over cocktails within the glittering Phuket skyline or finding blissful solitude in a secluded cove, this catamarans deliver luxurious social spaces balanced with intimate hideaways. Designed by high-class boat architects and decorated in minimalist themes nodding to regional wind and sea elements, the fleet not only provides unparalleled modern comfort but also epitomizes the area’s rich nautical heritage.